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Message From The President

My goal is to assist smaller organizations, and their CEOs, in growing their organizations.  To achieve this goal, I work closely with the organization’s CEO to develop a clear understanding of the organization’s finances, as well as its challenges and opportunities. 

I believe my greatest value comes from transforming basic accounting data into customized and meaningful management information.  Armed with this information, my clients have the confidence to make highly informed decisions, and they are respected as leaders with vision and foresight.

To better understand my vision as a contracted CFO for the organizations I serve, please read my white paper "Benefits of a Contracted CFO".

Call me at (717) 576-5984 to schedule a meeting to learn how I can help you move from managing your organization to leading your organization.

John has been an invaluable member of our organization's leadership team.  His guidance and big picture approach has strengthened our organization's capacity to carry out our mission, reduced risk, and ultimately helped me spend less time managing and more time leading.

-Matthew A. Zieger, President & CEO,Team PA Foundation